Let There Be Mead!

Welcome to my website. This site is currently under construction but please feel free to browse around.

For those who are new to my page, I am a mead enthusiast who has been home-brewing mead since 2006 and I truly love this hobby.

My book series “Let There Be Mead!” premiered in Feb 2017 with the release of the first book, The Big Book of Mead Recipes. This first book gives a general overview of every current BJCP mead category and provides examples of each style. The remainder of this series of recipe books for the adventurous will each cover a single style or type of mead. I currently expect the series to total 5 books in all. The remaining four will cover Melomels (Fruit Meads), Metheglins (Spiced Meads), Fruit & Spice Blends (Mel-o-meths), and finally Experimental’s (Weird-o-mels). The possibility does exist that I will continue on with one or two more projects after that, but for now 5 is what I’m predicting.

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