Kindle version of Book 1 is now available!

It’s been a while coming, and there may be updates being pushed down the road, but the Kindle version of my first book is finally live on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Exciting times ahead. 🙂

Book 2 (Melomels) is still a work in progress but I’m closing in on a time for edits in the near future for that one. I anticipate a November release date for both paperback and Kindle versions.

Book 3 (Metheglins) is still in the information gathering stage at this point but I’ve already compiled quite a bit of great stuff to provide a very interesting selection of spiced mead recipes. Projected release for that one will be November of 2018.

If you see a pattern forming here you’re right. I’m aiming at one installment per year in the fall (preferably a November timeframe) to give plenty of time for the holiday season shoppers out there.

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